The workroom is a location from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. This is the area where Henry starts. It is the place presumably where Henry, Joey Drew, and some other workers used to work on cartoons prior to closing down.


From the room after the exit hallway filled with several amount of posters, it contains a projector, a Bendy cutout and several desks. There is a large table containing a miniature Bendy cutout and several papers. Next to the projector, there is a chair with the radio speaker on top.


The player must go into this room if the Bendy doll or the record spawn there.

When approaching the projector, the "Hellfire Follies" music can be heard playing. The projector can also be turned on and off, which does not affect gameplay.


  • From the prototype after completing the puzzle of activating the Ink Machine, if Henry walks to the workroom before approaching the Ink Machine room's entrance, the hallway where the studio's entrance is at is noticeably blocked by several planks. They were removed in the first remastered update.
    • The radio speaker is not featured on the chair next to the projector.
  • When Chapter 1's first remastered edition was released, the miniature Bendy cutout seen on the table remained unchanged with the original glove design as opposed to the updated design appearing on all other cutouts, which turns out to be an oversight during development. It has later been fixed in an update patch 0.2.
  • Before the release of Chapter 4, when using hacks, if the player teleports to behind the exit door, they will find a small room along with Bendy's "wandering" cutout.




Description Audio
Prototype ambiance for the gears on the wall.
Ambience Gears
Prototype sound for when after Ink Bendy emerges from the ink machine and large wooden planks appear.
WoodCrashLarge OGG

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