The Utility Shaft 9 is a location in Chapter 2 from Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Utility shaft 9 is the entrance, where Henry enter into the Music Department hall.


Behind the door of the room of the pentagram there is a ladder that when Henry comes near a wooden plank falls.

When descending the stairs the player finds the engraver of Sammy Lawrence and later a cutout of Bendy with a ritual symbol behind and the side of the cutout in the inky hall.


  • The name is the meaning of the place, that titled "under construction".
  • From the first teaser of Chapter 2 it's shown to of gone under many changes from removal of the "IT'S TIME TO BELIEVE" text and changes of the Bendy head.
  • In the older version of Chapter 1, the location from Ink Bendy's flashback in the pentagram room turns out to be the utility shaft. This is now replaced by Accounting & Finance.
  • In Hello Bendy the Utility Shaft 9 sign is replaced with "HAPPY HALLOWEEN".
  • Lacie Benton and Bertrum Piedmont's coffins can be seen using the seeing tool.


Utility Shaft 9