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  • Vividspark

    A simple release of all textures, sounds and video clips from BATIM

    Link to download.

    As usual, feel free to report anything that's missing in the comments below and I'll try to get back to you.

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  • Vividspark

    As seen in the title, the files as usual contain major spoilers and you should avoid downloading them until you have completed chapter 3 or you don't mind spoilers.


    Chapter 3 exclusive files: Here

    Chapter 3 files with previous files: Here.

    Chapter 3 update textures: Here

    Hello Bendy sounds and textures: Here

    Update notes:

    Update 1: Added new master enviroments

    Update 2: Added texture files from the balancing update and Hello Bendy content.

    Update 3: Added some new textures.

    Please feel free to ask if you've got any questions.

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  • Vividspark

    Here's the prototype Chapter 1 files for anyone who wants them: Enjoy

    Now there are a few issues, mostly dealing with Boris's prototype mesh. It's there, but it seems to be part of the "map". So if anyone wants to take a try at extracting Boris from his room: I left a .fbx file in the folder. You then need to add textures. Boris uses misc_02_texture.png for his eyes and incision while using black and white textures for the rest of his body. Bendy uses monster_face_texture.png for his face and probably just black textures for the rest of his body.   Have fun.

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