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  • I live in Polsce / Poland
  • I was born on March 11
  • My occupation is Edytowanie, poprawianie, pomaganie, inne / Editing, correcting, helping, more...
  • I am Mężczyzną / Man
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    May 28, 2017 by Q43492449

    Hello Everybody!!!

    Has anyone ever wondered about it??? Before we start the main power at the entrance to Ink Machine Room we don't see any footprints, but when we start the main power and we go there, we will see the inky footprints on the floor. One of them will be directed toward the nearest door. Two of them will directed towards the Ink Machine. Let's see:

    There are no footprints before we start main power

    There are footprints on the floor after we start main power

    Footprints closer (there are three)

    I think the footprints are belong to Sammy Lawrence, Joey Drew or somebody who work in Sillyvision. This person must walk barefoot. We can't go in to the door where go one of this footprints so this still a secret or... we will see it in nex…

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