Don't expect this crap to be good, it's worth a shot i guess xD

The Theory

So some people are speculating Boris to be an ally to help you get through puzzles through Chapter 3 if he appeared at the end of of Chapter 2, and looked well, not covered in ink or even looks llike a monster like Bendy does. 

If Boris is to become an ally, and there has to be certain puzzles you have to do to co-ordinate Boris into doing certain parts he can that you can't. My guess is because on most posters you see of Boris, you see him holding some sort of musical instrument, like a clarinet or something. My guess the way of communicating with Boris is that you find his clarinet, and perhaps you play it in a certain way, or you point at something and play it to make Boris go to it, and do the particular thing he needs to do. 

As well i'm guessing he may get killed off again at the end of chapter 3 who knows xD.

Thanks for reading.

And yes i know it's bad but i just wanna look like i'm interested ok!

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