Official Leobear Productions

  • I live in Lol No
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Developer,Gamer And More
  • I am Male
  • Official Leobear Productions

    guys i have made the Ultimate Bendy and the ink machine fanon or roleplay wiki i combine bpth fanon and rolaplay to bring you The Bendy and the ink machine fanon/roleplay wiki only thng to 

    things to do

    make rules

    hire mods and admins

    make this community bigger and better 

    if you want to help then help

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  • Official Leobear Productions

    well guys i was forming a online group called bendytendo what is bendytendo?? you might ask it is a group to make everyone have fun and host a BATIM E3 At the BATIM E3 YIU show people TrailerS f you BATIM fan games and all that we will also make bendy cartoons also bendytendo is here to help all BATIM wikis even if dead we will also include guest stars in our bendy cartoons Have any questions comment down below 

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