aka Krait

  • I live in exactly where Wally's keys went (a trash can)
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is translator
  • I am a piece of Sammy Lawrence loving trash
  • MbKrait

    Ritual Room

    Writing Room

    I just created the pages since I saw a few other pages linked to these pages that had never existed.

    However, I don't have enough screenshots for these two pages, and they're still lackinig content.

    Could anyone here help?

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  • MbKrait

    I noticed that there hasn't been any page about the musical instruments appearing in Chapter 2.

    I have collected the screenshots of all the instruments I could find, and would like to make a contribution.

    Which option is better?

    A) create a page for every single item 


    B) create a page for all the instruments

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