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  • Matheusroyale09

    Hello Everyone!

    Well, i guess you guys remember i made a project of adding a image to every location in the BATIM wiki, i made this project in November, and the project is ending in three days.

    Someone: Why?

    I already added a image to every location in the BATIM wiki, and there's no locations left to do anymore. (The last ones will be TheMeatly's Room and the Ink Machine Room.)

    Im here to ask a thing for you all, what kind of projects you want me to do after this one? (Like adding images to every character or something like that.)

    Or you guys want me to continue this project?

    Put in the coments your opinion.

    That's all for today everyone! Good bye!

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  • Matheusroyale09

    Hello Everyone!

    Well, im here to talk about a thing that maybe is very bad to the fandom of BATIM.

    We don't have news anymore about the game.

    Someone: What do you mean? Of course we have news about BATIM!

    Yes, of course i know we have news about BATIM the last days we don't see so much "productivity" of news.

    Example: Any clues of something new of BATIM or, a new video in theMeatly's channel or maybe news on the Twitter.

    I just hope the community of BATIM don't slowly dies of no news.

    That was all for today. Goodbye!

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  • Matheusroyale09

    One image per day.

    November 16, 2017 by Matheusroyale09

    Hello Everyone!

    So...well, im here to talk about one project that probably can help the Wiki....

    One image per day.

    You guys should be thinking: "One image per day? How this will work?"

    It will be like this:

    One day, i will add a screenshot taken from the actual game (Myself Playing) in a location, and then i will add it.


    A screenshot taked from the Workroom will be added to this page, and then, the next day an screenshot of the Art Department

    It's simple, isn't?

    So then, i wanna know you guys opinion about this project, leave the opinion in the comments...

    That was all for today! 


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  • Matheusroyale09


    November 13, 2017 by Matheusroyale09

    Hello everyone! 

    Im just here to advice one thing:

    If some parts of the wiki needs images,just call me ok?

    That was everything! Goodbye!

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  • Matheusroyale09

    Just a Post.

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