Hi, I'm new to the Wiki, but I really want to help it grow. I don't know where else to put suggestions, or how to delete blog posts, so I'll just leave my thoughts here.

Thoughts at the moment:

As of 3/9/17 or 3/10/17, depending on timezone, we are lacking pages for the items. I also have some screenshots and I'm not quite sure where they should go.

Book and record

One of the three animation desks. It also has the book and the record.


Another book location. It is on the chair by the speaker.


A doll location. It is on a shelf in a hallway.

Doll 2

A location for the doll. It is on a chair in front of the "Dreams do come true" room.

Dream(ons) come true w wrench and record
Here are five of them. I will add the rest later.

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