As I'm sure we are aware by now, BatIM Chapter 2 was released and it contained a lot.

One of the things it contained was "The Infirmary"

In the hallway leading to Sammy's office, one can see some barrels and chairs blocking of another path, with a sign on the wall reading "Infirmary". The only things you can see from this angle are;

  1. A chair
  2. An ink puddle
  3. A flashing light behind the wall

Now my first thought when I saw these things (I'm not lying, I took one look and this was the first thing that came to mind) was the highly controversial book followed by an equally controversial film, "A Clockwork Orange."

In both the book and film, the "protagonist" is tied to a chair and forced to watch propaganda films to brainwash him as part of an experiment. This film is where we get the peopular idea of brainwashing.

And so I see a chair facing a flashing light in a place labelled "Infirmary" and I start to wonder..

Was there brainwashing involved? Joey, "Bendy" and Sammy seem to dabble in somewhat Satanic past-times, and Bendy himself is worshipped with fanaticism in Chapter 2. My point being, this wouldn't be the first time a cult brainwashed its members to make them more...passionate to the cause.

Don't drink the Kool--I mean Bacon Soup.

I'm not sure if this is 1:1 brainwashing on Sammy, as I feel that more paranormal entities may have comingled in the "Infirmary."

And if we take this one step further, with the popular theory of the Searchers having once been animators (and Sammy not too far away from meeting the same puddle-y fate) then perhaps Joey, "Bendy" or whomsoever the true evil force may be, would douse employees in ink and send them to the Infirmary under the pretense of an "accident" with the ink machine, when really people where just being "educated."

Once this happened enough, some INK-ubus (I'm proud of that one) takes over, and before you know it, your soul's in a pile of ink and you're obsessed with a cartoon character.

Anybody else want to offer any thoughts? I'm curious as to how the wheelchair from Chapter 1 fits in.

Until then, I'm Greppellio, saying until we meat again.

(I needed a conclusion. Sorry Meatly)

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