• Gamers4life

    "dreams do come true" was the last thing i said after i left the place and hoped i never would come back, and never have to see that bastard Joey ever again in my entire life. I walked down the wooden hallways, and out the door. "what the hell? he just..left..." "its ok Joey, he always does this, he will come back, even if it takes years" joey sighed, "i hope so"


    "honey, theres a letter from Joey" "ignore that filthy bitch" "honey, just read it" "fine...'

    i opened the letter, and immediently started ton regret it, anyways

    "dear henry,

    it seems like a lifetime since we worked on cartoons together."

    that it has.

    "30 years really slips away, doesnt it?"

    i guess s- hey wait....30 years!?!

    "if youre back in town, come visit the old worksh…

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