Hello, fans and users. Today, I'm posting my second blog, about changing the gallery's quality.

  1. Screenshots - I realize there are several known files being cropped, and I don't think they're personally needed. I dare say that completely full, non-cropped screenshot images are allowed. When the time is right, the cropped images will be either deleted or replaced for higher quality.
  2. Other thing... - From gallery articles/sections for the characters, I've been seeing a lot of images with nothing else than posters of themselves beside their physical form. Just because there's an image with posters, merchandise image, etc, relating to the character doesn't mean that each different gallery articles/sections need them. It's pretty much like posting the image of "Circus Control" to the gallery from Circus Baby's article at the FNaF Wiki just because there's a poster of Baby in it.

Here are the only needed "misc" images for the galleries. (Bendy for example):

Agree with the idea for the gallery's newer quality?

The poll was created at 20:48 on July 28, 2017, and so far 10 people voted.

The poll will be expired by the date where I'm going to college, around in August. If we get enough "yes" for agreement, the gallery for each articles should look nice, not redundant, and no longer slightly messy. Yes, we want a clean Wiki, don't you think? ;)