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aka Guilford Lewis

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  • I live in the underground of North Carolina
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is sketching and drawing
  • I am 100% male of course
  • GJ-Lewis X

    Audio discussion

    November 23, 2017 by GJ-Lewis X

    Good afternoon (morning or evening wherever you live), everyone. Hope you guys and gals enjoy Thanksgiving. I'm having some concerns about uploading audio to the articles that were taken from the official videos that has something to do with BATIM, such as ripping Boris' "BOO!" speech from the video short "Haunted Hijinx" and use the audio for the articles. To be honest actually, audio files ripped out from the videos and not from the actual game files are so not necessary. Just because the videos are official to the franchise are not meant to have us ripping the sounds out from the said videos and use them for the articles. I'm also aware that none of the Wikis never have their articles containing audio that were pointlessly taken out from…

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Huge announcement

    September 27, 2017 by GJ-Lewis X

    Hello again, y'all. Tomorrow when Chapter 3 comes out, I make my decision to stop editing while everyone's adding content to articles related to Chapter 3 because I'm not viewing any spoilers until I buy the game on Steam and complete the chapter, then I'll get back editing and start the clean-up. I contribute the Wiki even while I'm at college (as where I'm at right now), and I'm hoping if Chapter 3 will come out tomorrow once I get back home from college.

    Also! I'm starting to add three new badge tracks any time soon so we can make achieving badges slightly more challenging:

    • Characters
    • Locations
    • Items

    But remember, never badge-farm to try reaching to the leaderboard.

    Regards -
    GJ-Lewis X

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    RIP Chat

    September 23, 2017 by GJ-Lewis X

    Good evening (morning or afternoon depending on where you lived), everyone. I have a little announcement.

    Because of the Reddit BATIM Discord server we have, the chat from our Wiki appears inactive and everyone hardly ever join there, leaving it being so dead like a ghost town. So... I have no choice but removing it and delete EnderDragonCrystal's chat mod rights while promoting him as an admin.

    - Regards,
    GJ-Lewis X

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Hello, fans and users. Today, I'm posting my second blog, about changing the gallery's quality.

    1. Screenshots - I realize there are several known files being cropped, and I don't think they're personally needed. I dare say that completely full, non-cropped screenshot images are allowed. When the time is right, the cropped images will be either deleted or replaced for higher quality.
    2. Other thing... - From gallery articles/sections for the characters, I've been seeing a lot of images with nothing else than posters of themselves beside their physical form. Just because there's an image with posters, merchandise image, etc, relating to the character doesn't mean that each different gallery articles/sections need them. It's pretty much like posting …
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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Game files for BATIM

    March 26, 2017 by GJ-Lewis X

    Hello, everyone. I'm writing my very first blog for announcement instead on the forum (as I tried to figure out changing the "discussions" to "forums" so they'll roleplay, share their theories, discuss, etc, while growing our community more).

    As I'm wondering, one of you should decompile the files for Bendy and the Ink Machine, so we'll be able to locate the files for the models, textures, as well as audios (as we got the audio files, we'll make an article about the sound collection). That way, we'll add the models to the character articles' infoboxes for more higher-quality. Hope this will be possible.

    What do ya'll think?

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