• FizzTheKitty

    Why did.....

    June 17, 2017 by FizzTheKitty

    Why did the Joey Drew employees record those tapes. Yes I know it was just to give more clues and foreshadowing in game but in that world why did they do it.

    My theory is that Joey forced the employees to record those messages so anyone who entered the studio would know of his accomplishment but he wanted the employees to give there opion but as long as they mentioned the Ink Machine he didn't care what they said.

    But between the time Joey sent the letter and Henry arrived at the studio, our lord and savior, Bendy killed each employee except for Sammy who gave up his mind and his body to continue living. But instead of being killed by Bendy, Joey took out Boris the Wolfs heat and replaced it with his own, impossible I know, but if he managed…

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