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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is High School freshman.
  • I am A Wyvern.
  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello guys, since the teaser trailer for Chapter 3 was released today, I decided to make a "thoughts" blog for it!

    I hope you all enjoy!

    For this I will not be focusing on the cartoon at all, since it's... Pretty straight forward.

    Now, first we see Henry running, I'd say he's most definetly running from something, most likely "Bendy".

    Then, we see him turn to look in another hallway, where we see 2 figures run past him, (Don't see the second one? It's there, just before the first one, which is shown clearly, runs past.) while it is fully possible that one of them is "Bendy", I don't think they are, especially since we see 2 of them, I speculate that the second figure is either Boris or maybe even Alice.

    Then, Henry hides in a closet (*Cough, Am…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    I'm just going to let you guys all know that I'll be going on a LONG roadtrip soon, where am I going some of you may wonder?



    (Yes, I'm not American.)

    If I get wifi where I go, I'll be sure to return to the wiki and make some edits, I hope you guys can keep this place in order while I'm gone!

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    I squealed when this was uploaded!

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello guys! This is a blog post that I intended to make a while ago, but never got around to do it.

    We all know Boris, the loveable Cartoon Wolf who is first shown as a torn open carcass strapped to a table in Chapter 1, and then adorably walks out of a corridor to see us at the end of Chapter 2 ^W^ which surprised us all to say the least!

    Alright enough sappy stuff.

    And I know that many of you, including me have been wondering how this is possible, Boris appears to be clearly dead during the events of Chapter 1, but is somehow alive and well when Chapter 2, well I am here to share my ideas on some theories as to why he is alive and well, and I am here with solid evidence. So don't shout at me that I am speculating. Remember that this is 100% …

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello friends, it's me Ender, and I've come to tell you all some... rather depressing news...

    I'm actually going through a lot of stress in real life, it's because of somebody I know in real life, I would go further into detail, but I can't due too... stuff.

    That said, my activity may go down by a large amount, I will try to edit a page at least once a day though, so that I can keep being the helpful user I hope to be.

    So yeah, I will come back when it is all sorted out though, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it could take MONTHS to get sorted out.

    - Your friend, Ender.

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