aka Patryk Sizmur

  • I live in Yerong Creek, Wagga Wagga. Australia.
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is School student and FNAF obsession and Bendy obsession!!!!!
  • I am Male, (or robot. Depends how you see me.)
  • Demonbro1

    Goooood morning/afternoon, peoplz. My name is DemonBro1, and I have something awesome to tell you! 

    If you're interested for a Fan Club Chat, focusing our only topics on Bendy and the Ink Machine, come over to my page and have a chat! I won't harm you! Oh, and I can't! I'm in Australia! You' guys are are in America and other countries! 

    I am happy to talk to you guys all soon! Peace out! 

    P.S. If anyone has any problems with this little harmless group, I'm sure we can close this down and forget it as easily. I have no problems whatsoever! 

    See yaz round!!!

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