aka The Rejected Cartoon

  • I live in a trash bin
  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is ???
  • I am A girl
  • BettyTheDemon

    I've just been dealing with a lot, and haven't been online very much... too much crap.

    But I'm back. Yay! Did you guys miss me? I sure did miss you! I'll be checking around for recent edits, seeing what's new, if there's anything that needs fixing, etc.

    I look forward to once again being an active part of this community! 

    Well then, that's all for now friends. Bye!


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  • BettyTheDemon


    May 24, 2017 by BettyTheDemon

    I know this has nothing to do with BATIM, I'm just trying to spread the word... sorry

    I made it myself... so it's still in its... 'baby' form.

    I am counting on all of you fellow fans to help it grow, since I can't manage it all by myself!

    Help gather information, images, the whole lot!

    You guys think we could get the show's creator involved? If so, just tweet him about this or... something XD

    I am really excited about this project, but since it's only just begun it's a bit sloppy. So come on down and give this community as much support as you can! Read more >
  • BettyTheDemon

    It used to be so active... we would just chat about random things...

    Does no one wanna talk? :'(

    Or maybe the chat room's just being a bit glitchy- again. It feels so lonely when it's empty, as I like socializing with other people in wikia communities...

    /pout pout/ I'm sad. You guys are fun to talk with (that, with the exception of the few trolls that pop up every now and again)

    Welp, that's all for now. Buh-bye!


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  • BettyTheDemon

    I WAS pretty upset last night...

    For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, I had submitted a blog post yesterday that was kind of a rant about how  somebody had been harassing me... but that's beside the point.

    I'm still very hurt that somebody would do that to me, but emotionally I'm not feeling like crawling into a corner and crying anymore and that's what important. 

    I have given them a block, so I shouldn't be hearing from in them in a year or so... 

    I suppose part of this is MY fault, since on that wiki of mine I had forgotten to protect my user profile page leaving it an open target. Regardless, what they did was NOT OKAY. 

    The user I am referring to is Ineedabreaktattletail6. If you see them anywhere (i've seen them runnin…

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Listen, the user called ineedabreaktattletail5 followed me to my wiki for Creepypasta OCs, and he vandalized my user page BIG TIME... ;_;



    I erased all the crap they put on my page-

    putting my headers as things about d*cks and how to f*ck me... and a giant john cena at the bottom... oh believe me, that's just the tip of iceberg. I am banning them from my wiki.

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