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  • BettyTheDemon the thought of both this wiki and the fandom dying.

    Like, after all the chapters are out, the theories all get debunked etc., is everything just going to screech to a stop? Like, it seems like the FNAF fandom died until Scott made a new game, but that's just how I feel. 

    I try not to think that fandoms truly die, as long there is someone out there to remember it and make some fanart even if the majority of people seem to forget. 

    But still, I don't want BATIM to go down the drain eventually... :'( 


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  • BettyTheDemon

    I am alive!

    December 31, 2017 by BettyTheDemon


    Okay song references aside, I am glad to be back. Leaving was a rash and cowardly move on my part, and I am gratefully reclaiming my place as a wikia admin. 

    We have the new year coming up, so that's something to think about, as well as reflecting off of this past year. I can't believe how far the community has come, be it both the good and bad stuff. 

    I hope you are all having a happy new year, and I wish you all the best. 


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  • BettyTheDemon

    This Is My Goodbye.

    December 22, 2017 by BettyTheDemon
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  • BettyTheDemon

    That being said, there's some stuff to think about.

    I know this month has been hectic, especially with the whole Net Neutrality thing. I'm not sure how that will all turn out, or if it will affect this wiki in any shape or form. 

    We also have Chapter 4 coming up, which is another reason for concern. Christmas is drawing near, and maybe we'll get teasers, new animations, or maybe even the chapter release itself. 

    It's been tough, but we're pulling through like always. 

    We have all come a long way this year, and this wiki is developing beautifully. As we cross over into a new year, I'll be thinking of you guys. 

    I just want to say Merry Christmas to all of you, and I wish the best of luck. :)


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  • BettyTheDemon

    I wonder what this month will have in store for us?

    Some things have already happened, such as confirmed BATIM Funko Pops coming this month (you can see it in the Discord server's #announcements area).

    We've also had some modifications to the wiki appearance-wise, including the new mouse cursors. I LOVE them. They are so cute, and it isn't too big so it's still easy to read/select text and click on things.

    I also like the little detail on the bottom admin bar, meaning the 'take the lift up' button that takes you to the top of the page. 

    As for what may the future may hold for us, there's of course chapter 4. It's more than likely that we'll get some teasers and/or more shorts. Heh, I hope we get a Christmas themed short if it's not too much to…

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