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  • BettyTheDemon

    Just sayin'.

    Sure we're still getting plenty of edits (most of them by admins such as Ender, CJLewis, myself, etc.) but nothing major. The chat room is always empty, even though the comment areas are definitely lively. To me, it just seems kinda quiet and lonely on the wiki. 

    But I'm sure things will pick up again once we get some more info about chapter 3, or if it's released. (by the way I made a blog post that has hype/speculation about it)

    But that's just me. Maybe I'm noticing much, or maybe the wiki community just isn't that active right now. Oh well. Regardless, I still think it's fun to browse around the wiki's articles and such. I also love to write blog posts, stating my ideas and talking to you all at once. Just makes me feel bette…

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  • BettyTheDemon

    MEEEEEEE!!! X3

    I only got chapter 1, since it's the only one that's currently free lol. Yes, before now I had not actually downloaded the game myself. But I finally got some hands-on experience with BATIM, and hopefully that helps to keep me from neglecting this wiki (you know, keeping my interest up)

    When "Bendy" popped out and place flooded with ink, I just stood there to see what would happen. I waited for a while, and unfornunately nothing happened. The hard part was having to use my laptop's touch pad for clicking/looking around. But I managed. 

    It's only when you're playing it yourself can you truly appreciate all the work the game's developers have put in. Both the graphics and art style are amazing, interesting characters, and creepy …

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  • BettyTheDemon


    I know that the trailer for chapter 3 has been out for a while now, and we've been getting more than our fair share of teasers. It's so fascinating, how with each chapter we all get together and speculate. It's so fun to share our theories, and guessing what will happen based on the hints we get. The wait is so exciting and exhausting at the same time...

    So it's most likely that Alice Angel will appear in the 3rd chapter, but how and why? Is she gonna be a villain, or an ally? I also think that maybe she'll be a reincarnation of Susie Campell, as she felt that Alice was 'a part of her'. Like, I toy about with the theory that Bendy possessed a victim in the Infirmary, and that could explain why Boris' corpse had bones in…

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Sorry I've been gone for so long...

    Feels good to be back though. I've been gone this long, and I'm STILL ranked #4 on the wiki? Whoa. I see some changes have been made, such as the image in the background. I like it, it goes well with the wiki's color scheme.

    I'm gonna try and make up for my being gone by making some edits on articles, of course if it's needed. 

    That's all for now. Buh-bye.


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  • BettyTheDemon


    July 2, 2017 by BettyTheDemon

    Maybe Boris was naked in beta chapter one because Sammy mugged him and stole his overalls. Pffft haha. 😂

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