Once upon a time... there was a place we could explore, live happily... But no, Bendy the Dancing Demon ruined it, he killed the peaceful Shadow Blot and WE and HIM had to get sealed away... WE WILL HAVE REVENGE...- BunnBit the Knight telling a story to Sammy. -What the?! My lord could have of won by now!- Sammy Replied. -Have you seen Bendy?- Alice Angel asked. BunnBit the Rabbit Knight replied with a no, while Sammy said he is in his Office. -Thanks!- Alice replied. -Bro, Samz, what are you guys doin'?- RexBit, BunnBit's older bro asked. -UHHHHHH, NOTHINGGGG..?- BunnBit said while he looked like melted. -OH MY BENDY SAVIOR! BUNNBIT IS MELTING! HELLPPP!!!!- Alice got creeped out. -Whoo-- OHHHMMPPP MMYYYOOMPP BENDYOOOMPPP SAVIOROMPPPP!!!!!- A random Searcher used the Whomp-Talk Karate word thing (XD). Bendy came in and saw whats going on. He fixed BunnBit with his PentaBend powers, BunnBit said: Thanks, Whomp Whomp, oh my Bendy Savior, I Alm- BunnBit started to say. -We are gonna get REVENGE FOR SEALING US!- Bendy laughed at everyone, while Boris watched with Ink-Corn-Sausages in his mouth.-I donnnn...t think thats a good idea... O_O!- BunnBit theorized. Bendy opens the vault he made and lit leads to a tunnel to Cartoon WasteLand.-OMBS! WE ARE FREE!*Turns flow on to give Bendy more powers*-BunnBit Laughed.-YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! MORE POWER!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!-Bendy laughed more evil and creepily than before.-HELLO ORTENSIA... >:) -Sammy said and made her faint.-Breaking newS! Cartoon WasteLand is getting flooded with... HEY DON'T TURN THE TV OFF!-News guy in Oswald's TV. -MICKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE AN INKY ANCIENT PROBLEM!-Oswald shouted. Mickey ran into the room and listened: "We need to help those people and Ortensia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get going!" -Uhh Oswalddd... We are getting FLOODED WITH INK!!!!!!!!! RUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED TO GET OUT!- Mickey sounded creeped out.-YEAH!!!!!! LETS GET GOING NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!.- Oswald shouted. Ink and wooden thingies (idk what they are called) covered EVERYTHING!!!!!!! -Sweet revenge. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WE FINALLY WON!-Bendy Laughed near the Castle. 

End of chapter 1

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