The uppercase room is a small room from Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is located after the ritual room and between the hallways leading to the ink pool and the corridor maze,


The room has a large extension to the ceiling, and it is where the small passage having a empty room is located. There are at least four pipes. The "entrance" from up top has four breakable boards.

Inside the next area, all walls along with the floor and ceiling are wooden.


It is noticeable when Henry looks above them from the ritual room before his axe breaks from chopping the boards any further. "Bendy" can be heard crawling through the pipes while following after Henry.

By using hacks, Henry can teleport higher into a single area located after the uppercase room. Henry will discover the Wandering Sin cutout at the end, along with a bowl, a candle, a Bendy plush toy, and two large stones in a shape of Bendy's head.


  • The uppercase room from Chapter 2's pre-update before Chapter 3's release lacks an extra room where the Wandering Sin cutout should be located.


Uppercase Room