This article lists some models and animations that were either unused or removed for Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Unused models

Frying Pan

Found in the game files for Chapter 3, there was an existing model and texture file for a frying pan. The frying pan was supposed to be used for the safehouse's kitchen area.

Pre-Reworked models

Characters / Monsters

There are the unused beta versions of "Bendy".

Miscellaneous Objects

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Unused animations

The Projectionist's heart 

The Projectionist encountered in waiting room has an Ink Heart model attached to his left hand, however, the model is never seen in-game, nor does the Projectionist have an animation of holding the heart.

"Bendy's" Prototype Animation

In the very first BATIM prototype, "Bendy's" original animation was much longer and simpler when compared to other versions of his animation. Once Chapter 2 came out, and the "Bendy" model was updated, this animation was scrapped.


Butcher Gang's death

Piper, Fisher and Striker all have dying animations left in the game files. These animations remain unused as all three turn ragdoll upon death. An interesting note that Striker's unused death animation is fairly different, while both Piper and Fisher have the same exact style for their unused death animations, as if they were being pushed off. It is unknown why they were removed.

"Alice" laughing

"Alice's" jumpscare animation which plays during her first appearance shows her laughing after breaking the glass. This can be heard in-game but cannot be seen, because the view becomes completely black.


Searchers' alternative walking

There's an unused walking animation for the Searchers, which resembles their main walking animation, but without tilting their body from side to side.


Allison Angel's face morphs

Allison's model has a fair amount of face morphs for lips (used to show expressions and for talk animations), however none of them are used in the final animation.

  • "Smile"
  • "Pout"
  • "Tuck"
  • "Pucker"
  • "Snarl_DW" Note: it's supposed to show her teeth, however she lacks a texture on them.
  • "Snarl_UP"

"Bendy" idle

This animation was only used when "Bendy" was seen next to Henry's desk during the flashbacks in the pentagram room and after "Bendy" broke down the boards by the Ink Machine's room.

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