Thinking of You is the 9th soundtrack for Bendy and the Ink Machine, used in Chapter 3. It is written by theMeatly.


The music only includes a piano in a very quiet and relaxing style.


The music is used for the safe house from the beginning of the chapter, played from the phonograph next to the round table of the kitchen where Boris is at.

The music from the phonograph seems to stop playing when the safe house's exit door is closed once Henry leaves the said location.


  • The music track sounds strikingly similar to the 1941 "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" song performed by The Ink Spots.
  • The track can be heard starting in the Chapter 3 reveal trailer when Henry is approaching and then ending when entering the Little Miracle Station.
    • Additionally this song can be heard playing near the end of the "7 BEHIND THE SCENES FACTS about "Bendy: Chapter Three"!" video.
  • The track can be heard at the end of the game's Halloween trailer where it announces the Hello Bendy mod.
  • A slightly different version of the same track is heard playing in theMeatly's video where he shows up wearing his Halloween costume of the year 2017.
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