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The Theater is a room in Joey Drew Studios from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It serves as the room where the player can activate the ink flow for the puzzle.


The Theater is a small room that contains two rows of chairs that are neatly aligned. To the left of the second row of chairs is a projector. There is also a large shelf on the right wall, and a screen to project film.


At the beginning of the game, this room is one of the explorable rooms for Henry to find. The Bendy Doll is localized on a chair of this room.

Later on, it is necessary to come back to the room to turn on the ink pressure. A Bendy cutout will jumpscare the player when they enter the room after collecting all six items.

After completing the puzzle, the projector will be automatically turned on as Henry enters the room, and the large screen located in this room will play a small, looped Bendy animation along with Bendy's Whistle will play.

Once finished collecting all six items, Henry is required to turn the valve on the "INK PRESSURE" machine, allowing the ink to flow through the pipes before activating the Ink Machine and causing the pipe to bursts and get the room flooded with ink.


  • In the prototype version of Chapter 1, the music that plays when the projector is turned on was "Hellfire Follies", and in the two next version it was "You Left Me in a Heartbeat".
  • From the previous updates, the room lacks a small stair and the area appears not lowered.
    • The room also lacks the feature of having the pipe bursts and flooding the room after activating the ink pressure.




Description Audio
The sound produced when Bendy pops out from behind the ledge.
SFX Jumpscare 01
The whistle produced when the Bendy animation shows.
MUS BendyCartoonMusic
The pre-update music produced when the Bendy animation shows.
MUS You Left Me In A Heartbeat
The prototype music produced when the Bendy animation shows.
Music hellfirefollies
The current sound produced when pressing the pressure button.
SFX Ink Flow Buton Press 01
The old sound produced when pressing the pressure button.

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