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"What the heck is this?"
Henry upon entering a secret room

theMeatly is both a character and a recurring Easter egg from throughout the chapters of Bendy and the Ink Machine, and he can only be located in a small secret room.



Based on the mascot of the game's developing company and comic series, he is tall with long, skinny black limbs, and a floating circular white head with black eyes, a complete lack of neck, and a line for a mouth.

Even though his rectangular body is red in the comic series, it is light, yellowish-brown in color due to the color-style for the game itself. His entire self also appear completely flat, as if made out of paper.


It is technically not explained what theMeatly's personality in-game is, comparing to himself from reality.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures


theMeatly from Chapter 1.

To find the easter egg, complete the puzzle by collecting all six items and activate the Ink Machine. Then head to the room where the corpse of Boris' clone is located, and approach Boris's poster from the right side of the room where the "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?" message is at.

After following those steps, Henry will find a small room where theMeatly is in, standing behind a candle. Approaching theMeatly will cause Henry to say; "What the heck is this?".

Chapter 2: The Old Song


theMeatly from Chapter 2.

Activate the ink pump from Sammy's office and head into the music writing room. Then walk through the wall with a Boris poster on it and Henry will find theMeatly for the second time.

Henry's quote upon approaching theMeatly is reused from Chapter 1.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

If Henry finished all chores for "Alice", he can go through Boris' poster from the small workshop room located on Level P to find theMeatly for the third time, where he is seen sitting next to the table and appears to be having some kind of "dinner" with a hamburger, mashed potato-like food, a cup, and a tea pot.

Chapter 4

Coming soon...

Chapter 5

Coming soon...


  • It is impossible to get behind theMeatly, due to the fact that he is standing between the "invisible walls".
  • All of theMeatly's locations in chapters so far are behind walls with a Boris poster on them.
    • Additionally the surrounding walls so far are different from the wall Henry enters to go to theMeatly's room.
  • theMeatly is the only character from Chapter 1's prototype so far that was not changed for Chapter 1's remastered updates.
  • theMeatly has confirmed that he will be a recurring easter egg in every chapter.


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