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TheMeatly's Room is a recurring Easter Egg location from Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is the area where theMeatly is located.


The room is small and square-shaped. It has the same design of the other rooms, worn out, wooden, old fashioned, and with cobwebs everywhere.

There is also a candle from the floor right beside theMeatly.


In Chapter 1, the room becomes accessible after pulling the lever to turn on the Ink Machine. Go to the room with the deceased Boris Clone and walk through the wall with Boris' "Sheep Songs!" poster.

In Chapter 2, the room becomes accessible after activating the ink pump in Sammy's office. It is located behind Boris' poster in the music writing room.

In Chapter 3, the room becomes accessible after completing all of Physical Alice's missions. Go to Level P and head to the area where Striker first spawns. In the back corner is a wall with a Boris poster, behind which is the room. Additionally, entering the room will not protect Henry from Ink Bendy.

In Chapter 4, the room becomes accessible when Henry acquires the turnwheel and opens the door to the archives. Once the door opens, go back toward Grant Cohen's office and open the door opposite it, revealing a small closet. Walk through the back wall of the closet with a Boris poster to enter the room. This is the only time the room appears at the beginning of a chapter.

In Chapter 5, the room becomes accessible after Henry drains the passageway to the Film Vault. Go to the Administration maze and go to the hallway left of Joey Drew's office. There is a Boris poster in the room with a flickering light. Going behind the poster will lead Henry to theMeatly's room.


TheMeatly's Room

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