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theMeatly is the lead creator of the game Bendy and the Ink Machine as well as the founder of theMeatly Games, along with Mike Mood. He is a game developer, a comic artist, and a puppeteer.

Known Works

  • Game design
  • Writer / Story editor
  • Artist
  • Game mechanics
  • 3D
  • Animations
  • Audio
  • Music
  • Voice acting for few known characters:

List of games


  • theMeatly appears in Bendy and the Ink Machine as an Easter Egg.
  • theMeatly plays the voice of Henry, and including several other voices.
    • On the Q&A video, when asked if theMeatly voices Henry, theMeatly jokingly says "I can't confirm or deny that" using Henry's voice.
    • He also tried to voice Shawn Flynn, however he couldn't get the accent right.
  • theMeatly is aware about the Bendy and the Ink Machine Wiki. He, and even Mike Mood, retweeted the Wiki founder's tweet announcing said Wiki's creation.[1]
    • theMeatly also tweeted his review on the Wiki, praising how great the staff members run the Wiki with other users' collaboration, and even reminded everyone not to trust everything on all Wiki's pages due to containing some false info that has yet to be solved/removed.[2]




  1. "so so awesome :) wow! I'm so glad people are enjoying Bendy so much! :D" - theMeatly. February 15, 2017. Twitter.
  2. "OH! Just wanted to throw this out there! The awesome people on the Bendy Fan Wiki are doing a great job overall, but I just wanted to remind everyone that you can't believe everything you read on there. :) Quite a few untrue things floating around... :P" - theMeatly. January 12, 2018. Twitter.
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