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"If you're going to catch them, you'll have to learn to move quietly."
"Alice" giving instructions how to hunt the Swollen Searchers, Chapter 3

Swollen Searchers are minor enemies that appear in Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. They are a "swollen" variant of the original Searchers.



The Swollen Searchers' appearance looks incredibly similar to their original variants, but they are slightly larger and appear to be in a hunched position. They have a diseased-like appearance - sporting a lump on their right arm, a thumb on their left hand, the left cheek, and the left side of their back. Their stomachs also possess several large lumps.


Unlike other enemies, the Swollen Searchers do not outright harm Henry. They stand idle and barely move around. If Henry takes too long while attempting to kill them with the syringe or moving far too fast, they vanish into ink and teleport to another location. Before obtaining their thick ink, the Swollen Searchers only takes a single hit by Henry's syringe.


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

They only appear on Level 11 from one task where Henry goes on the next mission by collecting thick ink. "Alice" feels disgusted by the Swollen Searchers' appearance[2] while requesting Henry to obtain the syringe and use it for collecting the thick ink that they are composed of. Henry must go to Level 11, kill all either four or five Swollen Searchers (if not killing Fisher for the thick ink he obtained) and obtain their thick ink to complete the task.


  • These are the first passive enemies in the game, meaning they never attack Henry.
  • All idle moans the Swollen Searchers make are reused from the regular Searchers' death sounds, only edited with low-pitch. While one of the taken sounds is still used for the normal Searchers, two of these sounds are actually taken from the Searcher's many unused death sounds which can be found in the game files from Chapter 2's first release.
  • The current quality of the Swollen Searcher's official rigged model is unofficially released onto Steam's Source Filmmaker Workshop and included in the second SFM pack along with Piper, Striker, Fisher, the Searcher, "Alice", and the Projectionist's model.

  • Killing all five or four Swollen Searchers will unlock the "Ultimate Stomachache" achievement.
  • There are few earlier differences for the Swollen Searcher's mechanics before update patch 1.3.1:
    • There were four Swollen Searchers to hunt instead of five along with Fisher lacking the thick ink he obtains.
    • The Swollen Searchers can be located around almost any locations besides just Level 11.


Description Audio
The Swollen Searcher's idle sound.
The sound of a Swollen Searcher being hit.
The sound produced when a Swollen Searcher dies, retreats, or spawns.
The sound produced when successfully getting a Swollen Searcher's ink.
SFX CH3 swollensearcherpop
The sound produced when picking up a Swollen Searcher's ink.
SFX CH3 thickinkpickup



  1. "Have you seen them? The swollen ones!" - "Alice", Chapter 3
  2. "They're just stuffed full of extra-thick ink. It makes me sick! - "Alice", Chapter 3
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