Switches are one of the main object-like mechanics from Bendy and the Ink Machine.


There are four main types of switches from throughout the chapters:

  • Lever - Used for activating the powers within the studio, such as for the Ink Machine and electricity.
  • Valve - Valves are located commonly around the pipes, used for draining or filling ink.
  • Button - Only for Chapter 2, several buttons are used for powering the lever up for opening the entrance to the Music Department hall.
  • Handle - Exclusive to Chapter 3. It is a different style for the lever and it used for curtain locations such as the exit door of the safehouse and for moving the shelves of the toy machine room.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

There is only one lever located at the end of the break room. Henry can only pull the lever to activate the Ink Machine's room after collecting and putting all six items in the pedestals and turning the pressure button on from the projector room, which requires Henry to push the button to proceed.

After Henry fell into the basement, there are several valves that he has to turn for draining the ink flood before going into the next room.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

There are three buttons randomized around the areas of the utility shaft 9 room. Pressing all the buttons and go back to pull the lever will open the gate to the Music Department hall.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

From the safe house, there is an exit door that can only be opened with the handle switch, but the missing lever is only found inside the tool box

There is a lever to power on the toy machine from within the room. Inside the said room is a handle switch, used for moving the toy shelves upon activating it.

Behind the planks, there is a small room with three levers and "PLEASE PULL LEVER" sign above, at first only the first left switch can be pulled. Pulling the switch will start the challenge, and multiple Searchers will appear around Heavenly Toys room. After defeating them all, the second lever will become usable. The second lever will cause multiple Pipers, Fishers and Strikers to appear around Heavenly Toys room. Killing them all will make the 3rd and final lever usable. Pulling the third lever will summon the Searcher Boss in the Heavenly Toys room.

Chapter 4

It is presumably that switches will make a return in fourth chapter for Henry to solve yet another unknown puzzle to progressing the obstacles.


Description Audio
The old sound produced when Henry pulls down the lever in the Break Room, this is the same sound used when the prototype of Chapter 1 ends.
Push Leaver
The current sound produced when Henry pulls down a lever.
SFX Mainr Power Lever Turn On 01
The sounds for when pressing a button from Chapter 2.
SFX Button Push 01
SFX Button Push 02
SFX Button Push 03
The generic sound produced when turning a valve.
SFX Valve Turn 01
The sound produced when turning on the ink flow in Sammy's Sanctuary.
SFX Valve Turn Steam Release 01


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