The sunken room is a location from Chapter 3 in Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is located on Level P.


The stairs will lead down to the room consisting of a round table with a bucket of ink, a small blob of ink, a book with Bendy's picture printed on the front cover, and an audio log recorded by Henry himself. Some walls and the entire floor are covered with ink splats.

Some Searchers can spawn outside of the room's entrance.


The room is located near the entrance to Level P after the first set of stairs, and was first seen flooded up with ink. To drain the ink out, Henry must go to Level 14, then the right stairway after getting off the elevator, turn right, and break the wooden planks blocking the way to a hidden valve.

After activating the valve, Henry has to return to the room where the ink has drained. Inside it is a tape that he recorded 30 years ago, where he vents his frustration at Joey Drew's "just believe" mindset and reveals that he made up an idea of a new character, in which he believes that people will love.


  • Clicking on Henry's audio log to listen will unlock the "Long Forgotten Self" achievement.
  • The location's official name can be found in the achievement's old description when looking into the Steam achievement manger software: "Unearthed the sunken room"


20...Sunken Room

20. Sunken Room