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The storage room is a small location from the beginning of Chapter 4 in Bendy and the Ink Machine, located on Level S.


It is a small, narrowed, square-shaped room with a shelf consisting only a book from the left, and a special gear's machine attaching to the wall from the right. This is also where a can of Bacon Soup should be found in a trash bin, found in the corner of the right side. Boris' "Sheep Songs!" cartoon poster is also found printing on the wall.


There is a locked door from the left side at the end of the right hallway of the Accounting & Finance location next to the Management Office's door, which leads to a storage room. Upon opening the door that leads to the Archives, this door will be unlocked after returning. In this room, Henry can find theMeatly for the fourth time who was hiding behind the wall after passing through Boris' "Sheep Songs!" poster, standing next to a barbecue grill and holding a spatula.