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The staircase room was an inaccessible location from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine. In the update with the release of Chapter 4, this room was ultimately replaced by the Art Department.


The room consists of a single flight of stairs, a lot of empty space, with the entrance boarded up, There is what seems to be the sunlight coming from the stairs.

The only way to enter it is to use hacks. Once inside, Henry can then go up these stairs, which actually lead to a wall with a light coming from nowhere.


The room is seen only twice during Chapter 1, next to Henry's desk and cannot be accessed as well as in the flashes at the end of the hallucinations but was recently removed.

Upon hacking by teleporting to the room, the player will discover the Wandering Sin's cutout next to the stairs.


  • In the teaser for it, there was shown to be a small Bendy cutout hanging on the covering. This does not appear in-game.
  • In the prototype version where the staircase room was not added yet. Instead, it was just a locked door.
  • At the very end of Chapter 1's first remastered update when Henry is going through hallucinations/visions in the pentagram room, the room is seen again, except Henry is on the inside of the room, and on the other side Ink Bendy can be seen from Henry's desk. From Chapter 1's second remastered update upon Chapter 3's release, however, this vision was removed.


Staircase Room

Pre-update of the map.