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This article listed all current and known audio files for Bendy and the Ink Machine. All the sounds can be found within the game files.

Extra Sounds


AMB Basement 01
AMB Basement 01-2
AMB Basement Closing Scene 01
AMB Basement Closing Scene 01-2
All Ambient noise in Chapter 1, basically the same sound.


Wally Franks

Chapter 1:

DIA Cassette Tape 01
Wally's first cassette recording from Chapter 1.

Chapter 2:

DIA WAL Diary Lost Keys 01 temp
Wally's second cassette recording from Chapter 2.

Chapter 3:

Coming Soon...


Chapter 1:

DIA Player 01
Henry wondering what Joey wanted to show him.

Chapter 2:

DIA Henry Intro 01

Henry first waking up in the beginning of Chapter 2.
DIA Henry Intro 02

Henry grunting during the audio above.
DIA Henry Intro 03

Henry giving his final thoughts in the beginning.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 02

Henry wondering about how the place got so big.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 03

Henry asking if Sammy can help him.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 04

Henry wondering where Sammy went.

Sammy Lawrence Voice Lines: COMING SOON...

Chapter 3:

Coming Soon...

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