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This article listed all current and known audio files for Bendy and the Ink Machine. All the sounds can be found within the game files.

Extra Sounds


AMB Basement 01
AMB Basement Closing Scene 01
SFX Horror Ambience Loop 01
All Ambient noises in Chapter 1, basically the same sound.

Wandering cutouts:

SFX Lamp Flicker Loop 01

Bacon Soup:

All 7 gulp variations.

SFX Gulp Soup 01
SFX Gulp Soup 02
SFX Gulp Soup 03
SFX Gulp Soup 04
SFX Gulp Soup 05
SFX Gulp Soup 06
SFX Gulp Soup 07

The sound the can makes while rolling on the ground.

SFX Can Roll slow 01


Wally Franks

Chapter 1:

Wally's first cassette recording from Chapter 1.

Chapter 2:

Wally's second cassette recording from Chapter 2.

Chapter 3:

CH3 AudioLog wally crackasmile
Wally's third cassette recording from Chapter 3.


Chapter 1:

Henry wondering what Joey wanted to show him.

DIA Player 01

Chapter 2:

Henry first waking up in the beginning of Chapter 2.
DIA Henry Intro 01

Henry grunting during the audio above.
DIA Henry Intro 02

Henry saying there is only one thing to do.

DIA Henry Intro 03

Henry wondering about how the place got so big.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 02

Henry asking if Sammy can help him.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 03

Henry wondering where Sammy went.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 04

Henry instructing how to turn gate power on.

DIA Henry Chapter Two 05

Henry noticing the flooded stairwell.

DIA Henry Chapter Two 06

Henry finding the pump switch.

DIA Henry Chapter Two 07

Henry first entering the recording studio.

DIA Henry Chapter Two 08

Henry stopping the ink flow.

DIA Henry Chapter Two 09

Henry asking who is there.

DIA Henry Chapter Two 10



Chapter 3:

"Im not getting out of here that easy. Need to open the door but the lever is missing. Boris probably has it"


Susie Campbell

Chapter 2:

Susie talking about voicing Alice Angel.

DIA SUS Diary New Voice Actress 01 temp

Norman Polk

Chapter 2:

Norman talking about Sammy's interruptions.

DIA NOR Diary Projectionist 01 temp

Sammy Lawrence

Chapter 2:

Sammy's first recording.


Sammy responding after the recording.


Sammy singing past the doorframe (Full audio).

DIA Sammy 01

Sammy talking about the pump switch and distractions.

DIA SAM Diary Distractions 01 temp

First part of the music puzzle.

DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Intro 01

(See 'All Random Instruments' for the middle part)

Last part of the music puzzle.

DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Outro 01

All Random Instruments

Instruments go in this order: Banjo - Bass - Drum - Piano - Violin.

DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Banjo 01
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Banjo 02
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Bass 01
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Bass 02
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Drum 01
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Drum 02

DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Piano 01
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Piano 02
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Violin 01
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Violin 02