The small rooms are locations from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine. There are at least two rooms.

Room List

Room 1

To locate this room, head to the Power Room to begin the puzzle. Then walk to the hallway (ahead where the "DREAMS COME TRUE" message is located) and Henry may notice that the light from under the door turns off, pressing "E" to open any other door opens it.

The room consists a desk with a music radio, a chair, a music note picture, and Boris' poster. There are two cans of Bacon Soup located from the shelf at the right.

Turning on the music radio from the room plays an instrumental and shortened version of "The Bendy and the Ink Machine Song" by Kyle Allen.


Room 2

It is located near from the entrance of the Projector Room. The closet contains nothing but a shelf filled with projectors, some video-tapes, and a miniature Bendy cutout.


  • They were added in the remastered edition.
  • When the second room was first made accessible in the remastered edition, the miniature Bendy cutout used the original glove design as opposed to the updated design appearing on all other cutouts. It has later been fixed in an update (patch 0.2).
  • It is shown on Twitter that a new room will be added near the Ink Machine Room.[1]



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