Sketches is the 4th soundtrack, mainly used for Bendy and the Ink Machine. It was written by theMeatly.


The music is mostly made up of violin music in a minor tone, the track's first 20 seconds are playing twice, making the music 40 seconds long.


This is the track that plays for the game's main menu.


  • In Chapter 1 for older updates, the track was used for the moment where Henry falls into the basement whilst attempting to reach the exit while the first floor of Joey Drew Studios was collapsing. In the Chapter 4 update, the music was replaced by "Down Where Monsters Live".
    • From the prototype version of Chapter 1, the music infinitely loops while in the basement. Although upon release of both remastered updates, the music plays only once.
  • This song can be heard playing in the "7 BEHIND THE SCENES FACTS about Bendy: Chapter Three"!" video.
  • This track was heard during the beginning of Chapter 1 's third remastered update trailer.
  • If exiting the game to the menu while inside the ink vortex before coming out of the Bendy statue after death, the "Sketches" track in the main menu screen sounds extremely low-pitched while the entire chapters' ambient but Chapter 1 is effected upon starting.


Description Audio
The variant that plays after exiting the game while in the ink tunnel.
MUS Title Music A Failed Sketch2