The skeleton is a cartoon character appearing exclusively in the Bendy cartoon "Tombstone Picnic".

The skeleton still appears in some of the "Tombstone Picnic" scenes from the recording studio's projection screen in Chapter 2, and more projection screens around the ink maze on Level 14 in Chapter 3.



They are nothing more than a white human skeleton in the show's cartoon style, and whenever the skeleton moves they make noises that are similar to the sound of bones shaking. Their torso is only visible from throughout the cartoon.

The skeleton has eye-sockets instead of pie eyes unlike other cartoon characters. Illogically, the eye-sockets can move, this is shown when they wink at Bendy after their first meeting.


Although very little is known about their personality, though it appears that the skeleton is playfully bothering Bendy for some reason.


"Tombstone Picnic"

From the very beginning of the "Tombstone Picnic" cartoon, the skeleton's hand slowly rises from the soil and quickly grabs Bendy's ankle, causing him to fall down and throw his picnic basket. A few seconds later during Bendy's struggle of letting himself go, the skeleton pops out from the ground. Letting go of Bendy's ankle afterwards, the skeleton winks at Bendy before going back to their "grave" by pulling the ground over itself like a blanket.

After Bendy runs away from Boris, he hides behind a gravestone from the cemetery. He peeks out to look out for Boris, before the skeleton "helps" him. Both were shocked looking at each other, then Bendy runs away from them.


  • The skeleton seems to be heavily based on the skeleton characters from the 1929 Silly Symphony short "The Skeleton Dance".
  • Along with Mr. Snowman, the skeleton is the only character to not have appeared in the actual game aside from the cartoon.