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Thanks, Joey. Just what I needed. More distractions. These stupid cartoon songs don't write themselves, you know.
— Sammy's speech from his second diary cassette, Chapter 2

Sammy Lawrence is a character from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine. He is also a director of the music department for collaboration at Joey Drew Studios, known for writing songs for Bendy's show before getting corrupted by ink.



Although, Sammy's human self isn't seen anywhere beside his ink form. From Hot Topic's answer while "officially" impersonating Sammy, it is revealed that Sammy either once had a flowing cascade of brown hair or blonde hair.[1]


In tapes, pre-dating his corruption from the Ink Machine, Sammy is shown to be a frustrated song writer. This is likely due to the working conditions, plus possibility he might lose his job if the studio falls under. The only person he seems to give kind words to is Susie Campbell, the voice actress of Alice Angel.

It can be inferred from the voice recordings that he, while still a human, found it hard to focus on work when there were distractions present, which was likely the reason he needed a "sanctuary".

According to Norman, Sammy is acting a bit strange upon Norman's awareness.

As the ink creature he later became, he appears to be mentally unstable, worshiping Bendy as his savior, and offering him sacrifices to appease him.


Chapter 2: The Old Song

Formerly human, he was the music director of the department until he was very likely corrupted by the ink flowing from the Ink Machine, which appears to have affected him, later becoming an insane monster.

Sammy's two diary cassettes, recorded while he's still human, can be found in the music department hall and Wally's closet, respectively.

According to Sammy from his first diary cassette, himself along with other workers are unable to get out of the department because the ink that flows from the Ink Machine (installed by Joey Drew) had flooded the stairwell. In order to drain the ink out, Sammy has to turn the pump switch on from his office.

From his second diary cassette, Sammy give hints how to open his sanctuary by playing two, three, or four of his favorite instruments.

From Norman Polk's cassette, Norman said that Sammy arrives in the orchestra room, quitting the whole band, and told everyone (including Norman) to wait in the hall[2]. Then, Norman hears Sammy starting up the projector from the projection booth, and runs down back to the orchestra room[3]. A few seconds later after the projector turns off, Norman realized that Sammy didn't come out for a while.[4]

From Susie Campbell's cassette, Sammy said that the cartoon character Alice Angel's popularity may be identical to Bendy's some day, according to Susie Campbell herself.[5]

From Wally Franks' second cassette, Wally was nervously hoping if everyone doesn't tell Sammy about losing his keys. Wally also said he'll leave if Sammy discover Wally missing his keys again.[6]


The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

So first Joey installs this Ink Machine over our heads. Then it begins to leak. Three times last month, we couldn't even get out of our department because the ink had flooded the stairwell.

Joey's solution? An ink pump to drain it periodically. Now I have this ugly pump switch right in my office. People in and out all day.

Thanks, Joey. Just what I needed. More distractions. These stupid cartoon songs don't write themselves, you know.''

DIA SAM Diary Distractions 01 temp

Every artistic person needs a sanctuary. Joey Drew has his and I've got mine. To enter, you need only know my favorite song.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Intro 01

Sing my song and my sanctuary will open to you.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Outro 01


The banjo playfully clucks.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Banjo 01

The banjo, once again, strums its' melody.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Banjo 02

The bass fiddle sings with deep articulation.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Bass 01

The bass fiddle returns and sings aloud.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Bass 02

The drum thunders in triumph.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Drum 01

The drum echos out once more.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Drum 02

The piano delicately calls.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Piano 01

The piano returns in graceful harmony.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Piano 02

The violin shudders with a piercing voice.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Violin 01

The violin again screams.
DIA Sammy Puzzle Diary Violin 02


  • Sammy Lawrence's name could be a reference to Sammy Lerner who's known for composing the "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" song for Popeye cartoons and other songs from Fleischer Studios.
  • He is possibly the first and only collaborator of Sillyvision and Joey Drew Studios to become an antagonist after getting corrupted by ink.
    • However this could be the same thing that happened to the Searchers if they were once human workers.


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