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Sammy Jam is the 10th soundtrack for Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It was written by Ray Gould.


The music itself is typically made up with a few old jazz-type instruments. The song starts up slowly, and towards the end of the song, it repeats like a phonograph.


The music plays in the lobby of the music department hall after encountering the Searchers for the first time, coming from a few speakers.


  • The file in the game seems to show that this was also called "Lobby Jazz", as to indicate that it was in the lobby.
    • It is to note it has probably been renamed after the owner of the music department, Sammy Lawrence.
  • "Sammy Jam", along with "You Left Me in a Heartbeat" and "Ode to Bendy", is one of the only soundtracks unavailable on "Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter Two Soundtrack" from Bandcamp.
  • Around 15 seconds into the "Now on STEAM" trailer for BATIM, Sammy Jam can be heard faintly in the background for a few seconds until being drowned out by a different tune.
  • The name is a nod to Sammy Lawrence.
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