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This article refers to the character. For other uses, see Sammy (disambiguation).
Rest your head. It's time for bed.
— Sammy after knocking Henry out, Chapter 2
Sammy's monster self is a character in Bendy and the Ink Machine. He is the secondary antagonist of Chapter 2. He knocks out Henry and attempts to "sacrifice" him to appease "Bendy" and have himself freed of his ink-like form, only to be presumably killed by the latter instead.



Sammy's ink form appears as a black, humanoid figure wearing a Bendy mask with dented-stains and a hole punched into the mouth, presumably to help Sammy breathe. He has no hair, likely due to the ink.

As he doesn't seem to wear a shirt, he also wears overalls that somewhat resemble Boris' overalls. His shoes appear to be covered by ink-coated lower parts of his overalls.


Corrupted by ink, Sammy is mentally unstable, worshiping Bendy as his savior, and offering him sacrifices to appease him.


Chapter 2: The Old Song

After Sammy's first recorded message ends, Sammy's voice is heard out of nowhere, repeating the question from the message.

Sammy's ink form first appears as he walks in front of the inky corridor, carrying a Bendy cutout while whistling. Once approached, however, he disappears.

After activating the flow pump in his sanctuary, Sammy can be seen in the audience, with his gaze constantly following Henry.

After activating the ink pump from Sammy's Office, he is later seen knocking Henry out with the axe handle (as Sammy is seen holding the axe later on before bringing Henry to the Ritual Room). He talks to Henry about sacrificing him in the ritual room, and leaves to summon the actual demon so he can sacrifice Henry, only to be presumably killed by "Bendy".

A short scene after the credits shows his remains, along with his mask, beside an axe.


The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

''He appears from the shadows to rain his sweet blessings upon me. The figure of ink that shines in the darkness. I see you, my savior. I pray you hear me.

Those old song, yes, I still sing them. For I know you are coming to save me. And I will be swept into your final loving embrace.

But, love requires sacrifice. Can I get an amen?''

I said, can I get an amen?
Rest your head. It's time for bed.
There we go now, nice and tight. We wouldn't want our sheep roaming away now, would we? No, we wouldn't. I must admit I am honored you came all the way down here to visit me. It almost makes what I'm about to do seem cruel. But the believers must honor their savior. I must have him notice me. Wait. You look familiar to me... that face... Not now. For our lord is calling to us, my little sheep. The time of sacrifice is at hand! And then, I will finally be freed from this... prison. This inky... dark... abyss I call a body. Shhhhh! Quiet! Listen! I can hear him. Crawling above. Crawling! Let us begin. The ritual must be completed! Soon he will hear me... he will set us free.
Sheep, sheep, sheep, It's time for sleep. Rest your head. It's time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you'll be dead. Hear me, Bendy! Arise from the darkness! Arise and claim my offering! Free me! I beg you! I summon you, ink demon! Show your face and take this tender sheep! No! My lord! Stay back! I am your prophet! I am your- AAAHHH!!


  • He is possibly the first and only collaborator of Sillyvision and Joey Drew Studios who became corrupted by ink, which caused him to transform into a ink creature.
  • Bendy's twitter profile picture is similar to the mask Sammy wears.
  • Sammy, while in the room where he summons "Bendy", can be heard singing what could be a poem or song.
    • It's also theorized that the song he sings during the ritual is from the cartoon "Sheep Songs".
      • Sammy even refers to Henry as a sheep.
      • This might hint that "Sheep Songs" is Sammy's favorite episode.
    • He also seems to have (or had in this case) some control over the Searchers as they attack Henry only after he tries to escape Bendy.
  • Based on the quote while talking in the Ritual Room, Sammy may have remembered Henry.[1]
  • Sammy's voice is heard at the end of the Chapter 2 release date teaser saying "He will set us free".
  • Sammy has recorded more radios than other people, totaling at least three radios. The second being Wally Franks, who recorded two radios.
  • Sammy is the only monster to not outright attack Henry or cause a game over.
  • From the Game Jolt port, the word "savior" from Sammy's speech in the Ritual Room is misspelled as "savor". This was later fixed upon Steam's release.
  • It is technically unknown how Sammy can see while his mask he's wearing has no sign of punched holes for eyes to clearly see through.
  • From the Ritual Room, there is an error where Sammy noticeably forgot to close the door while walking towards the room when he's about to perform a ritual. Thus, the door shuts by itself.
  • If hacked by teleporting to the small room where Sammy performs a ritual at the Ritual Room, it appears that Sammy's walking animation infinitely plays.
  • When hacking the game by teleporting to the audience where Sammy's at, his head glitches through his chest and seems to be facing to the right.
  • Sammy, "Bendy", Boris and the Searchers are the only characters whose models are released on Steam Workshop.
    • When Sammy was first released, the bump texture is missing.
  • The fact that Sammy calls Henry a "sheep" is likely a reference to one of the verses from the Bible:
    "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all." - Isaiah 53:6 (KJV)
    • The reason why Sammy refers to Henry as a "sheep" is possibly that Henry isn't following the "cult" like Sammy is. The Bible verse suggests that the non-believers are walking to the wrong path, similar to Henry, who is not following Sammy's "cult" of Bendy.
      • If that's the case, then the "Bendy" that Sammy worships is likely based on God from Christianity, but in a rather blasphemous way.
  • If one hears closely, one can hear Sammy say "Rest your head" a few times while walking through the hall from the Inky Corridor.


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  1. "Wait. You look familiar to me... that face..." - Sammy, Chapter 2
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