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Sammy's room is a location from Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The room contains a desk, a microphone hanging from the top and a plank of wood leaning against the wall. There is some extra blank area, the wall next to which is black. Strangely, the barrels on the other side of the wall (in the ritual room) can be seen. There is a door connecting both rooms. The blank area was covered with Bendy's "wandering" cutout.


When Sammy enters the room after talking to Henry about the ritual, the door closes behind him. This is the room where Sammy performs a "ritual" until backfired when gets hunt down by Ink Bendy instead of sacrificing Henry.


  • This room is only accessible using teleport hacks. It is located behind the room where Alice Angel's poster is located. Entering the room after the ritual scene reveals Sammy's model playing a constant walking animation.
  • From Chapter 2's first release, the ending image after the chapter's credits reveals the room's inside, containing Sammy's remains, an axe, Bendy's cutout, a record, and the legs of Boris himself. Upon Chapter 3's release, this image was removed and can still be located within the game files.


Sammy's Room


Description Audio
The sound of the light turning on once Sammy closes the door.
SFX Light Switch Sammys Room 01