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Sammy's lair is a location from Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a sacrificial area where items can be given to the ink demon by the name of Ink Bendy.

A single can of Bacon Soup is located behind the barrel from the right side of the room.


After being knocked out by Sammy while trying to escape by heading for the exit from the drained stairwell, Henry is taken to this location.

Before Sammy gets slaughtered by Ink Bendy, the door in front of Henry is closed, while Henry is tied to a pole, unable to move. The axe has been taken away from Henry, placed below a speaker. After Sammy's monologue during the sacrifice, Henry manages to escape by cutting off the rope thanks to trauma and then grab the axe, using it to fight a hoard of Searchers and then escape.

Afterwards, he needs to destroy some of the wooden boards with the axe to move forward until the axe apparently breaks when near the exit door from the ink pool.


  • If one hacks and teleports behind Alice Angel's "Sent From Above" poster from the music department hall, the ritual room is revealed to be on the other side of the poster.
    • Technically the closest room to the poster is where Sammy performs the sacrifice.
  • It turns out that smoking is not allowed in this room as seen by a sign reading "NO SMOKING". That sign has been removed as of the Chapter 4 update, being replaced by a "WORK HARD, WORK HAPPY!" poster.
  • In Hello Bendy for Bendy and the Ink Machine, the Neighbor takes the role as Sammy as he can be seen here talking to Henry and walking into his room.


Ritual Room


Description Audio
The sound of Henry struggling while being tied up by Sammy.
SFX Rope Stress 01
The sounds of Henry struggling and breaking the rope.
DIA Henry Break Rope 02
SFX Rope Stress Snap 02
The sound produced when Sammy taps his microphone.
SFX Speaker Tap Feedback