The Safehouse is the starting location in Chapter 3 from Bendy and the Ink Machine.


This location is based on an actual house, containing a bedroom, kitchen, restroom, and a living room. From the hall between the doors leading to the bathroom and the living room are overalls, pants, and a pair of boxer shorts hanging on the wall, although they do not belong to either Henry or Boris. It is currently unknown, how Henry and Boris got into the safe house.


The chapter begins with Henry rising from an army folding bed in the back of the Safe House. Henry tries to leave the safe house to find another exit. This is prompted with the door lever missing and Henry saying they should go talk to Boris about it, who is sitting next to the table of the living room. Boris holds the door lever hostage until Henry makes him some Bacon Soup. Henry must find three cans of Bacon Soup, and then prepare them in the pot on the stove. Once it is done, a bowl can be taken to Boris, who sets down a toolbox on the table. Opening it will reveal that it contains the door lever. Henry must now take it and open the door, once he opens the door Boris can be seen getting out of his seat and then following Henry.


  • Before the release of Chapter 4, the bathroom wasn't flooded with ink and the light was brighter.
  • After opening the door, Henry can also go back and grab a bone from beside the chest in the initial starting point. Giving said bone to Boris will give the achievement "Knicknack Paddywack".
  • -Z

    The empty restroom image located in the game files.

    Strangely found in the game files for Chapter 4, there is an image of the safehouse's restroom area lacking any environments.
  • The second stall that was previously locked can be unlocked at some playtroughs while searching for Bacon Soup, revealing a Bacon Soup can. This counts towards the Bacon Soup achievement for Chapter 3.
  • There is a phonograph in the kitchen area near from the round table where Boris sits next to. It plays the music titled "Thinking of You".
  • The toilet sound effect in the Bathroom is actually a recording of Mike Mood's own toilet.


== Safe House

Safe House


Description Audio
"Thinking of You" music.
MUS CH3 thinkingofyou
The sound produced when flushing the toilet.
CH3 Flush Temp
The sound of Boris's trunk opening.
SFX CH3 trunkopening
The sound of putting the cans of soup from the safehouse into the pot.
SFX CH3 souppotinteract
The sound of the soup cooking.
SFX CH3 soupcooking
The sound of Boris taking the bowl of bacon soup.
SFX CH3 borisbowlofsoup
The sound of Boris placing the toolbox.
SFX CH3 borisplacetoolbox
The sound of opening the toolbox.
SFX CH3 opentoolbox
The sound of picking up the safehouse's lever handle.
SFX CH3 safehousehandlepickup
The sound of placing the safehouse's lever handle.
SFX CH3 safehousehandleplace
The sound of the safehouse's door opening.
SFX CH3 safehousedoor
The sound of safehouse's attention prompt showing up.
SFX CH3 attentionprompt