S3 Vault is a location in Chapter 2 from Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is also where Chapter 2 ends.

It is possible that this room will be the starting location of Chapter 3, due to the fact that Chapter 2 ends here. However, theMeatly has not confirmed this yet.


From the first room, it consists three machines from the left. From the right side, it contains a few shelves filled with Bendy Dolls.

There is also a single can of Bacon Soup located at the top of a barrel.


When Henry arrives at this room and locks the door after escaping from "Bendy". As he rounds a corner, the player is not able to move. A can of Bacon Soup rolls out, and Boris the Wolf walks out, turns to look at Henry, and stops. The chapter ends at this point, and Henry is heard saying "Boris?" Leaving him uncertainty, what to do next after meeting the cartoon character had come to real live, before the credits roll.


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