S3 vault is the final location in Chapter 2 from Bendy and the Ink Machine.


In the first room, it consists of three machines from the left. From the right side, it contains a few shelves filled with Bendy dolls, even though they are not obtainable.

There is also a single can of Bacon Soup located on top of a barrel.


When Henry arrives at this room and locks the door after escaping from Ink Bendy at the corridor maze, as he rounds a corner, the player is not able to move. A can of Bacon Soup rolls out, and Boris the Wolf walks into view, turning to look at Henry.

The chapter ends at this point, and Henry is heard saying "Boris?" before proceeding to Chapter 3.


  • There seems to be a lift located here as seen in the room with a sign.
  • From Chapter 2's pre-update before Chapter 3's release, player is not able to pause the game upon entering this room.
    • There is a sign for the location under the door to the other room from Chapter 2's pre-update. The sign was removed upon Chapter 3's release.
    • It is not possible to run in this location or pausing the game.
  • This room is not the starting location of Chapter 3. Unlike the end of Chapter 1 and beginning of Chapter 3, making it unknown how Henry got into the safehouse.
  • There was a "Wandering Sin" cutout in the hall where Boris comes from, but was removed in Chapter 4's update.


S3 Vault


Description Audio
The sound produced for when Ink Bendy is trying to break down the door after he is locked out at the end of Chapter 2.
SFX BendyAtTheDoor
The sound made when Chapter 2 ends.
SFX HUD whoosh 01

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