The Research and Design or R&D Access is a location from Chapter 4 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The Research and Design is a large room with the Butcher Gang enemies. It also has two branching rooms. One with a switch for the Haunted House and an audio log and the other with a power switch.


After hitting the first switch, Henry will return to the Haunted House power panel and activate the second switch. This will grant him access to the Research and Design. Henry will enter and will tell himself to try and distract the Butcher Gang so that he can reach the two rooms. Henry must obtain empty Bacon Soup cans to do this. There are about 10 on the balcony surrounding the middle area. Henry only needs to throw them in the direction he wants the Butcher Gang to go. They'll follow it and he can sneak in unnoticed.

The first room Henry must enter is on the left. This is the structure room. Henry must hit the switch in this to activate the third Haunted House lever. But Henry will not be able to leave and so he will have to go to the second room.

Henry will throw an empty Bacon Soup can again to distract the gang. He can then get into the second room. This consist of two Empty Bacon Soup cans and a power switch. Activating this will open the door above him and allow him to leave.


  • There are two cans of Bacon Soup in this room. One is found behind three Empty Bacon Soup cans on a barrel near the entrance, and the other on a railing right next to it.


Research and Design