The record is one of six items Henry needs to collect to fix the Ink Machine from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a vinyl record, it's label reads "Bendy" in bold black letters. The title of the song is "The Lighter Side of Hell".


The record can be in one of four locations:

  • On the floor next to the animation desk in the first room.
  • Leaning against the projector stand in the first room.
  • Under the projector in the "DREAMS COME TRUE" area.
  • On the floor next to the animation desk in the hall leading to the break room.

Dream(ons) come true w wrench and record


Book and record



Description Audio
The current sound produced when the record is collected.
SFX Record Pick UP Vanish 01
The old sound produced when the record is collected.
Collect Paper


  • Below the label, the record reads "The Lighter Side of Hell", a title for one of the songs for Bendy's show.
  • As seen from the description, the record is made from the company by the title "Mitchel Orchestra Company".
  • In Chapter 2, there are music sheets for the song.
    • If the song sheet is played on a piano, it sounds like this.
  • It is speculated that the record is required to create a character's memory. In this case, it's Bendy.
  • The record again appears in Chapter 2, but as decor on the music department logo.
    • If one looks closely one of the record seem to of fell off, it is possible this could have been one of the items donated by the workers.
    • The record also appear laying on the floor inside the room where Sammy's remains is located. This image view is displayed after the chapter's ending credits.


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