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The record is one of six items Henry needs to collect to fix the Ink Machine from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a vinyl record, it's label reads "Bendy" in bold black letters. The title of the song is "The Lighter Side of Hell."


The record can be in one of four locations.

  • On the floor next to the animation desk in the first room.
  • Leaning against the projector stand in the first room.
  • Under the projector in the "DREAMS COME TRUE" area.
  • On the floor next to the animation desk in the hall leading to the Power room.

Dream(ons) come true w wrench and record

Book and record



  • Below the label, the record reads "The Lighter Side of Hell", a title for one of the songs for Bendy's show.
  • In Chapter 2, there are music sheets for the song.
  • It is speculated that the record is required to create a character's memory. In this case, it's Bendy.
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