The pub room is a location from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a large room containing a couple of round tables with chairs. It is where Chapter 1's only punch card stand is located. There is a door leading to the small closet with a few cans of Bacon Soup, and a hallway that leads to a boarded up cellar.

From one wall, is a dartboard that allows Henry to throw darts at it like some sort of minigame.


The door leading to the pub room is accessible while solving the puzzle to fix the Ink Machine. The door locks itself again after all the puzzles are solved.

This is the location where the book is found, located on one of the round tables with several other books.

After breaking the Scythe and complete Chapter 5 without dying, the cellar is no longer boarded up, with the trapdoor opened for Henry to jump in. Inside it reveals a doorway leading to an inky tunnel similar to when Henry dies. Reach the other side and Henry will be teleported to the front door with his visions in black and white instead of the usual sepia.


  • The pub room was not featured in the early previous updates before Chapter 3's release.
  • Before the update upon Chapter 4's release, this location is one of the many rooms where more items are randomly found than just the book, including the Bendy doll, record, wrench, inkwell, and the gear.
    • Henry is able to move the Bendy cutout from the pub room, unlike many other cutouts.
    • The dart minigame was not implemented.
    • The curtains were not implemented.


Pub Room