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The Projector Room is a room in the Workshop from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It serves as the room where the player can activate the ink flow for the puzzle.


The Projector room is a small room that contains 2 rows of chairs that are neatly aligned. In the second row of chairs is a projector. There are also a large shelf on the right wall, and a screen opposite the projector.


At the beginning of the game, this room is one of the explorable rooms for the player to find. But later on, it is necessary to visit the room to turn on the ink pressure. After completing the puzzle, the projector will be automatically turned on as Henry enters the room, and the large screen located in this room will play a small Bendy animation.

Once collecting all six items, Henry is required to push the button on the "Ink Pressure" machine, allowing the ink to flow through the pipes before activating the Ink Machine.


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