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The projector closet is a small room from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The closet itself is small, and contains nothing but a shelf with cob-webs. The shelf is filled with projectors, some tape reels, and a miniature Bendy cutout. There are few ink-stains covered one of the walls, and paper sheets behind the shelf.


It is located near from the entrance of the projector room. There is a single can of Bacon Soup located on top of one of the projectors from the shelf's first section.


  • The location has undergone many changes until the release of Chapter 4.
    • The projector closet was not featured in the prototype.
    • When the room was first made accessible in the first remastered edition upon Chapter 2's release, the projector closet has a less amount of environments with lacking some objects such as the animation desk's tables.
      • The miniature Bendy cutout used the original glove design as opposed to the updated design appearing on all other cutouts. It has later been fixed in an update patch 0.2.
      • There was also no Bacon Soup located in this location until Chapter 3's update.


Projector Closet