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"Then I hear him. He starts up my projector, and he dashes from the projection booth and down to the recording studio like the little devil himself was chasing behind."
Norman Polk's first audio log, Chapter 2

The projection booth is a location from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is located from the recording studio.


Overlooking the recording studio, this location contains a projector, a breakable chair, Norman's audio log, a desk, a couple of posters, and a garbage can in the corner. A plethora of dials and audio panels can be seen on the back wall.

There is a "Sheep Songs!" and "Little Devil Darlin'" poster. Next to the posters are a bunch of blank papers printed on the wall.


The projector can be turned on to brighten up the screen in the Orchestra Room, and is automatically turned off after a short period of time has passed. The projector must be on while solving Sammy's music puzzle.


Projection Booth