The plunger is an object and weapon used in Chapter 3 and 4 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The plunger appears to be a used standard model. It is seen with marks along the bottom.


Obviously, it is used to unclog toilets but is not used this way in-game. It is used when solving the valve panel puzzles. Its usage is similar to the axe and Gent pipe, but even weaker, as it can be used to kill the Searchers and the "Butcher Gang" enemies (Piper, Fisher, and Striker). In which, it took more hit than the previous two weapon.


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

The plunger is first seen at the beginning from the safe house, where it is found from the restroom area. Although Henry is not able to obtain it.

Later on, it is used for completing the puzzle for "Alice" where Henry needs to find five valve cores.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

The plunger will reappear in the fourth chapter, and wil be used as a weapon like in the previous chapter.


  • The plunger is worn by the enemy Piper as a peg-leg for the right leg.
  • The plunger is the only known weapon that will not leave any hit marks on walls or other obstacles, since the suction cup is literally made out of rubber. However, there is an error making the plunger cause hit-marks on the barrels upon hitting them similarly to the Gent pipe, pipe wrench, Tommy Gun, and the syringe.

  • The leaked image of the plunger was uploaded by theMeatly on Twitter while Chapter 3 was under development.[1]

  • Completing the chapter with the plunger will unlock the "Unlikely Victory" achievement.


Description Audio
The sound of the plunger being picked up.
SFX weapon Plunger Pickup
The whooshing sound of the plunger.
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 01
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 02
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 03
The hitting sounds of the plunger.
SFX weapon Plunger Hit01
SFX weapon Plunger Hit02
SFX weapon Plunger Hit03
SFX weapon Plunger Hit04
SFX weapon Plunger Hit05
SFX weapon Plunger Hit06



  1. "It's the little details of a game world that make it fun. :P" - theMeatly. September 3, 2017. Twitter.
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