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The pipe wrench is both a tool and a weapon from Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


As its name suggests, the tool/weapon itself is based on an actual pipe wrench.


The weapon itself is weaker than the axe, but swings much faster. It is also used as a weapon against enemies.


The pipe wrench is first obtained when Physical Alice asks Henry to locate the special gears around the locations of Level K. It is used to open gear boxes in order to collect at least five special gears.


  • The pipe wrench is Piper's weapon of choice.


Description Audio
The sound of the pipe wrench being picked up.
SFX weapon Wrench Pickup
The whooshing sound of the pipe wrench.
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 01
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 02
SFX Generic Weapon Whoosh 03
The hitting sounds of the pipe wrench.
SFX weapon Wrench Hit01
SFX weapon Wrench Hit02
SFX weapon Wrench Hit03
SFX weapon Wrench Hit04
SFX weapon Wrench Hit05
SFX weapon Wrench Hit06