"I got half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew about all this, I really do. But then again, I have to admit. Mr. Drew has his own peculiarities."
Norman Polk's first audio log, Chapter 2

Norman Polk is one of the projectionists of Joey Drew Studios and a secondary character first appearing in Chapter 2 and 3 from Bendy and the Ink Machine. A suspicious man who has an uncanny ability to notice trouble, his eventual fate was becoming yet another victim of the studio's strange happenings.


Fitting his job as a projectionist, Norman tended to seek out dark places and avoid drawing attention to himself. Because of this role as an outside observer, he was able to notice some of the strange behavior displayed by his colleagues. Sammy Lawrence once called him "very bright". However, his ability to sneak around undetected led to his eventual downfall.


Chapter 2: The Old Song

Norman's audio log can be found inside the projection booth in the recording studio.

Norman notes down the strange behavior that Sammy appeared to do almost every recording session. While up in the projector booth and watching the band perform in the recording studio, Sammy would arrive and tell them all to stop and leave. Norman notices that Sammy would turn on the projector, rush back downstairs and then disappear for a long time.

Finding Sammy's actions to be the start of a problem, Norman ponders whether or not to speak to Joey about it. He thinks better of it, finding his employer's own actions of late to be just as strange.

Norman's recording is designed to give hints on how to solve the music puzzle.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Norman becomes a physical presence in Chapter 3, having become an ink monster named the Projectionist. First seen walking around Level 11, Norman has lost his human personality and has been reduced to a skulking shape who becomes aggressive if anyone passes in front of the light coming from his projector. He must be confronted on Level 14 in a miniature maze, where numerous projectors play clips of the Bendy episode "Tombstone Picnic" onto the walls.

On the same Level, Henry can find another audio log from Norman, just outside the maze entrance. Norman remarks that he naturally prefers dark spaces and notes how his other fellow projectionists find this to be strange. He learns to be in and out of the studio, as he feels bothered by the studio's looks. He mentions that the workers are rumoring about himself lurking around the areas to "look for trouble". Norman likes the advantage it gives him on being able to see things that no-one else will, especially since they will never know he was there.


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"Every day the same strange thing happens, I'll be up here in my booth, the band will be swinging, and suddenly Sammy Lawrence just comes marching in and shuts the whole thing down. Tells us all to wait in the hall. Then I hear him. He starts up my projector, and he dashes from the projection booth and down to the recording studio like the little devil himself was chasing behind. Few seconds later, the projector turns off. But Sammy, oh no, he doesn't come out for a long time. This man is weird. Crazy weird. I got half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew about all this, I really do. But then again, I have to admit. Mr. Drew has his own peculiarities."
Norman's 1st audio log.

DIA NOR Diary Projectionist 01 temp

"Now I’m not lookin' for trouble. It’s just the nature of us projectionists to seek out the dark places. You see, I’ve learned the ins and outs of this here studio. I know how to avoid being bothered by the likes of this... company. That projectionist, they always say, creeping around, he’s just lookin’ for trouble. Well trouble or not, I sees everything. They don’t even know when I’m watchin’. Even when I’m right behind ‘em."
Norman's 2nd audio log.

CH3 AudioLog norman lookingfortrouble


  • Norman speaks with what seems to be a southern American accent.
  • During the Hot Topic Q&A on Twitter, when asked if Norman is behind the pipe organ in Chapter 2, Sammy replied that he didn't know what they meant and simply said that Norman was always bright.[1]

  • There are several errors and missing lines from Norman's transcript that don't match his audio in Chapter 2:
    • In the Game Jolt version of Chapter 2 before the said port's deletion, the first lines lack the space from after the comma from the word "happens". It was later fixed upon release on Steam.
    • While Norman says projection booth, the in-game transcript says projector booth.
    • After saying "But Sammy" from the third line, the words "oh no" are missing from the transcript. After that, while the lines say "he doesn't", Norman says "he don't" in a southern manner of speaking.
    • Norman's words "I really do" are missing at the end of his words "I have half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew about all this".
    • From the last line, Norman says "I got half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew ...", the word "got" Norman's transcript is "have" instead.



  1. "The organ... I don't know what you mean. Although Norman, our projectionist.. he was always very bright.." - Hot Topic. July 26, 2017. Twitter.
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